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Cougar’s Great Adventure is a charming story that takes young children through the Canadian landscape, meeting Canadian animals while exploring the keyboard and treble staff. Children delight in the beautiful illustrations as they learn rhythmic patterns and piano notation in a unique and creative way. To accompany the story book, young students of the piano will enjoy exercises, duets and colouring pages in the Cougar Activities Book. Lesson plans and helpful ideas guide the parent or teacher to instruct a young child in this marvelous and creative introduction to music notation.


Cougar’s Great Adventure, along with the companion Activities book, has proven to be a great success. Parents and music educators are united in their enthusiasm.


“An imaginative, colourful, fun approach to music reading through story telling — too good to miss!  Beginning students will love this set — clear, well-paced concepts and adaptable for private or class setting.  What a lovely way to introduce your child to the world of music! "  

James Lawless, Chief Examiner Emeritus,
Royal Conservatory of Music 


“As her former student, I can confidently assert that Marianne is a wonderful teacher. Moreover, she is the author of the brilliant "Cougar's Great Adventure," a unique and imaginative beginner book that teaches young children how to read music. I've been using this method for two years with my students, and they have delighted in it, learning to read music effectively and painlessly.”

Devyn Noonan


"My students loved Cougar's Great Adventures! I used this elegantly written book to introduce a unit on music to my young dance students. They were fascinated by the rich illustrations and I was amazed at how quickly they picked up the basics. The great thing is that the instructions are so easy that even teachers and parents with little to no musical training can pick it up and follow along with their children. It's no surprise kids often request re-reading this gem."

Shirin Yousefi


“I was fortunate to get a sneak preview of this book and it is absolutely beautiful - both artistically and educationally! I highly recommend all piano teachers to buy a copy and start using it. As a piano teacher for the past twenty years and a player for over fifty years, I will definitely be utilizing it for my students. Good work, Marianne!!!” 

Donna Barber

“I just wanted to take a minute to praise Marianne Marusic and her unparalleled dedication to teaching. Marianne is constantly enhancing the learning experience for her students (two of whom are my kids) by creating new materials and methodologies that work to bring joy and fun to music. The book she created for beginner students is an example of her amazing talents and skills - it is beautiful and effective in teaching young students the basic fundamentals in notes. Thank you Marianne.”

Rachel Beck


“Twice a week outside my office door, Metropolitan School of the Arts students arrive for lessons. There are coats, boots and bags and plenty of chatter as they wait for their turn to head into an art, ballet or piano class. You can hear the variety of ability, from a “first timer” to a “seasoned professional”, but the one thing that never varies is the pride and smiles that you see and hear on the way out. I have had the pleasure of watching many a student over the better part of eighteen years here grow and advance in both personality and skill under the watchful eye of the Metropolitan director Marianne Marusic. I am sure the launch of this wonderful book will inspire many a student in years to come.”

Karen Bryant


“Marianne was formative in helping me discover my love for the piano. When I first came to her after years of experience with it, she revealed to me the true art of the instrument; for that, I am forever grateful. Her grace, her passion, and her creativity all come to head in "Cougar's Great Adventure", an incredible resource for young piano students eager to have fun at the keys. The book eloquently teaches readers how to read basic notation, complemented by authentic Canadian illustrations and an imaginative storyline. A job well done, as always.”

Rachel VanderVennen