"I cannot believe how lucky we were to have Marianne Marusic as Emma's piano instructor. She was always most professional and beautifully talented, but also warm, funny, kind, and inspirational for our daughter who now plays so beautifully. I would recommend Marianne whole heartedly and without reservation to anyone who wishes his/her son or daughter to learn to play and to love playing the piano. Emma also truly enjoyed other aspects of Metropolitan School of the Arts over the years. She took both dance and art classes and both were excellently run, inviting and exceptionally creative. Seldom do I have the opportunity of writing such a glowing review of any organization. Thank you Marianne!"

Katharine Tapscott

"My children have had the occasion to explore and develop musical literacy through the professional instructions of Marianne for more than 5 years. She teaches effectively to the student, rendering music instruction as something personal. She elicits the best from her pupils through her clear expression of expectations and the steps she takes to support these collaboratively set ends. Diligence and discipline blend harmoniously with humour; these elements together help her students to find their own story in the repertoire they prepare for recital and for examinations. It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I look forward to hearing my children grow both aesthetically and culturally under Marianne’s professional tutelage."

Greg Hodges

"Having taken piano lessons at Metropolitan School of the Arts since I was four, I can say that I am truly grateful for the instruction I received for thirteen years. Marianne was always positive, even when I wasn’t, and an amazing teacher, even when I tried my hardest not to learn anything. I left for university having learned to play concert level piano pieces, and being able to truly appreciate the music I could play in a way I never could have seen coming when I was younger. I don’t have any exams to practice for, and I’m not pursuing a career in music, but I retain a developed sense of musicality and musicianship that I can now enjoy freely at a level only possible because of the exceptional instruction I received at Metropolitan School of the Arts."

Daniel Milton

"Marianne was formative in helping me discover my love for the piano. When I first came to her after years of experience with it, she revealed to me the true art of the instrument; for that, I am forever grateful. Her grace, her passion, and her creativity all come to head in "Cougar's Great Adventure", an incredible resource for young piano students eager to have fun at the keys. The book eloquently teaches readers how to read basic notation, complemented by authentic Canadian illustrations and an imaginative storyline. A job well done, as always."

Rachel Vander Vennen

"For many enjoyable and fun years, Marianne Marusic has taken me where I've needed to go in playing piano - I am an adult learner who isn't interested in passing exams but want to find a comfort level within the discipline needed to improve - Marianne can determine where I am and what I need to do to go further - she's amazing with her humour, warmth, compassion and expertise - she sticks with you through all the ups and downs - she is both a great teacher and a beautiful pianist herself."

Deb Panko

"Marianne is a wonderful, brilliant musician, who manages the rare feat of translating this into her adept skill in music education. Her years of experience at the helm of the Metropolitan School of the Arts, combined with her high pedagogical standards, and her warm, approachable character, make her a fantastic teacher for any level of musical skill."

Adam Barrett

"Marianne is a patient, funny, and flexible piano teacher for students of all ages. She consistently supports her students in achieving her high level expectations. My children love her even though she makes them work!"

Alice Brown

"I began my time at the Metropolitan School of the Arts when I was 3 years old, taking lessons in Dance, Art, and Piano. Now, at age 18, I can't begin to describe the incredible impact the Metropolitan School for the Arts, and one instructor in particular, Marianne Marusic, has had on my life. As my Piano instructor, Marianne has taught me invaluable skills in understanding styles of music, music theory and musicality. Most of all however, Marianne has taught me how to play the piano beautifully. Marianne is a very intelligent and adaptable instructor, and has catered her lessons to my style of learning as a student. Over our years together, Marianne has become not just my piano teacher but also a very dear friend. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to learn to play-no matter experience or age."

Emma McInerney

"Marianne is a fantastic piano teacher! She taught my daughter from the beginner stages to the Grade 8 RCM level. Marianne adjusted her teaching style as each level came. She is patient, fair, and encouraging yet firm. My daughter always wanted to do well for Marianne. If you decide to enrol with MSA, you can be confident that you are getting one of the best teachers in the GTA."

Lynn Fowler

"My daughter, Stephanie, has the good fortune to be one of Marianne's piano students. She has been a part of Stephanie's life for 11 years now. The support and encouragement Marianne has given my daughter has gone beyond piano lessons. She has encouraged her to pursue her dreams of performance arts, given her advice and direction, pushed her to become a better performer, and always, always, always, always gives her positive feedback. Marianne takes the time to keep me informed of how she is progressing and she has become an adult in Stephanie’s life who shares in her accomplishments. I have also appreciated how flexible Marianne has been with our busy schedules, and she goes the extra mile to accommodate us. I highly recommend Marianne if you are considering piano lessons."

Colleen Fortier

"Marianne has been teaching my kids piano for the past seven years. More than that, she has been teaching them to be good, honest and hardworking, and that through their efforts, rewards will come. Marianne has provided a positive learning environment and been a positive influence on both Morgan and Isaac. Thank you Marianne for all that you have done and that you continue to do for Morgan. She is still discovering her talent in both piano and singing and that is something that you have fostered throughout your years together!"

Carolyn Dawe

"My son has a fantastic ear and can play most things just by listening...he also was really avoiding learning music theory. Marianne adapted her teaching to run up tunes he was not able to practice by playing the music online. He did not know how to play piano in January is now playing by sight at Grade 1 and more important is not intimidated by it! Can't say enough about your work!"

Medina Dupuis

"Marianne runs a great program. My son takes both the piano lessons and art lessons."

Terrell Wong

"My daughter adores Marianne and loves her piano lessons as a result. Off to a great start. Thank you!"

Katherine Yaphe

"I was extremely lucky to have Marianne as a piano teacher. Not only did Marianne help me become a better player technically, she also helped me gain confidence as a musician. Marianne encouraged me to challenge myself, whether that be in her choice of pieces or to simply perform. I will always be grateful for her humour, patience, support, and guidance that were instrumental in helping me complete my Grade 8 piano. As I said before, I was extremely fortunate to have been the recipient of Marianne’s passion for music and teaching. And I am very excited about her book “Cougar’s Great Adventure”, in which her unfailing love for music and teaching can reach an even greater number of students."

Maura MacKenzie

"Marianne is not only a gifted music teacher, she directs a choir to which I belong with great humour, talent and patience. I certainly wish that it was possible for me to take piano lessons from her, as well. Her students love her."

Cecelia Upton

"My daughter started with music lessons from Marianne and over time got involved in the ballet and art programs too because she was having so much fun. The school manages to combine a high standard of teaching with a supportive environment that made us both feel welcome. My daughter is now a second-year student in Theatre Production/Stage Management and she has found her knowledge of reading and playing music to be a definite asset because of the big part music plays in many productions."

Marguerite Ennis

"Marianne is a fantastic piano teacher who has instilled a lifelong love of music in me. She was there every step of the way, from learning the C major scale to performing Mozart Sonatas and improvising in Jazz songs. Marianne is not only humorous, caring, and very patient, but also extremely talented at playing the piano herself. Without hesitation I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fantastic piano teacher."

Ryan Kucan

"We have used Metropolitan School of the Arts for piano lessons, art classes and dance for the past 7 years. Our two daughters have grown up with these special programs – from age 5 to 16 - and they are still engaged participants. They have enjoyed all of the activities and we have been very impressed by the high level of creativity that is offered. This is a great resource in the neighbourhood that we have benefited by greatly."

Judith Robertson

"Our three daughters have each attended Metropolitan School of the Arts for 8 years. They have done modern dance, ballet, art and piano lessons. We have found the quality of each of the lessons and the various teachers to be excellent. Innovative, patient and accommodating are adjectives that come to mind when I think about the School. We highly recommend this organization and it's teachers."

Tara Williams

"My daughter, Tara has been at the Metropolitan School of the Arts for almost 2 years now and we have both loved every minute. Tara has thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the program. Tara specifically loved her creations in art class with Ron - and looked forward to that particular part of the program every week. Under Ron's guidance, Tara was able to learn new ways to make her work come to life in full colour!!! This year, Tara is focusing on piano with Marianne. Tara has come to love to play the piano daily and has progressed considerably over the last year. I believe that Marianne's calm, traditional approach is to thank for our success.

I cannot say enough about this wonderful program and the people running it. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the smaller class sizes ensure that everyone can fully participate."

Katherine Browne

"Marianne and her teachers at Metropolitan School of the Arts have been a positive, formative, influence on my daughter's life. The education she received in visual arts was a significant element in her decision to pursue this subject in university. Marianne's deep knowledge of Music and her (apparently limitless) patience and good-humour in particular made lessons a joy. I have no doubt my daughter will be playing and enjoying piano for the rest of her life. I would whole-heartedly recommend Metropolitan School of the Arts."

Anneli Pekkonen

"My three boys have been taking piano lessons from Marianne for over 12 years! She teaches each of them differently, choosing pieces that best suit their needs and interests. Combined with her openness and fine sense of humour, the boys have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons over the years. Marianne has been a large influence in their lives!"

Joanne Bruce

"My son studied with Marianne Marusic for six years, and achieved his Royal Conservatory level Grade 8 by age 14. And he had a great time doing it! While trombone has since become his primary instrument, he still plays piano almost every day. Marianne?s gentle, yet structured, approach cultivated his love of music and her tremendous musicality set a great example for him. I think piano will be a part of his life forever."

Marsha Copp

"I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for the 13 years you dedicated to teaching piano to Daniel. We owe you a huge debt for being such a great teacher and hanging in there through the middle tumultuous years . He certainly could be a challenge with his love of, let us say, debating and it takes a special teacher to put up with and manage that. You did so admirably. You have also succeeded in our goal of instilling in him an appreciation of classical music and piano virtuousity. That is something that will remain with him, even if the piano playing skills fade. We very much liked knowing you and enjoyed your humour and keen intelligence. And as for Daniel, I truly believe that as he matured he came to view you as a friend."

Heather Finkelstein

"Teaching an old dog new tricks can be full of particular challenges and frustrations. Marianne Marusic embraced those challenges and never allowed frustration. I have enjoyed my time with Marianne immensely, and despite my best efforts to the contrary, am progressing musically more than I could ever hope. Marianne is that rare mix of talented artist and gifted teacher."

John Hinman

"My kids have been taking art lessons with Ron for about 5 years. Ron is attentive and patient and is able to get the kids to focus, learn and have fun during each class. I love the breadth of the work they do and the perspective that it gives the kids. And importantly, the kids enjoy the classes. Not once in the past five years have the kids said they did not want to go to art class. Quite a feat I think."

Renee Lagace

"Marianne is a devoted teacher who inspires and challenges students in a supportive and caring environment. While focusing on technique and conservatory requirements, Marianne manages to keep lessons fun and upbeat. She is clearly sensitive to the needs of each student and wants to share her love of music. Marianne provides several opportunities throughout the year for students to show case and celebrate their talents.

My daughter, Mya, has flourished under Marianne's direction. She keeps Mya challenged and inspired by encouraging her to tackle difficult pieces and providing clear instruction and feedback. Mya loves having in put on the pieces she plays and appreciates the time to focus on holiday pieces as well. We are grateful to Marianne for her devotion to Mya and know that her success is due in large part to Marianne. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated and talented teacher and look forward to more wonderful years."

Linda Gillberry

"Metropolitan Schools of the Arts has provided my four year old daughter with the support and freedom to come out of her shell...not to mention excellent ballet skips!"

Mother of Kinderdance and Art student

"The teachers at the Metropolitan School for the Arts provide my daughter and son with excellent instruction in a supportive environment. They both look forward to their piano lessons and art classes every week. Instruction in the arts is an extremely valuable aspect of children's education and the Metropolitan School for the Arts is a wonderful resource for children."

Rachel Beck

"Marianne taught our son piano from ages 5 to 17. She was infinitely patient and encouraging throughout, and went out of her way to accommodate his competing hockey schedule. She is a natural teacher, a wonderful person and terrific with children of all ages. I am delighted to recommend her."

Linda Fuerst

"My boys jump out of their seats with glee and skip to their piano lessons. They love it!"

Astrid Player

"In addition to Royal Conservatory... Marianne's students learn to play popular music and chording. The kids are very enthusiastic to learn how to play music they are familiar with." 

Dana Ito